Issue № 71

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Bazaliy V.V., Domyaratsky Ye.O., Kozlova O.P.
Influence of biofungicides and growth stimulants on sunflower productivity and quality of oilseeds.

Bunchak O.M.
Agri-ecological substantiation of oat growing depending on application of organic fertilizers, made according to the latest technologies

Vozhegova R.A., Vlaschuk A.N., Drobit A.S., Vlaschuk O.A.
Economic and еnergetic efficiency of growing white one-year clover, depending on agrotechnical measures in the conditions of southern Ukraine

Vozhehova R.A., Zaiets S.О., Kysil L.B.
Economic evaluation of cultivation efficiency of modern winter barley varieties at different terms of sowing and application of growth regulators

Vozhegova R.A., Kokovikhin S.V., Zaiets S.О., Netis V.I., Onufran L.I.
Efficiency of using solar energy on soybean crops in irrigation conditions in the south of Ukraine

Vozhegova R.A., Krivenko A.I.
Productivity and energy efficiency of the cultivation of winter crops. Irrigated agriculture: interagency thematic scientific collection

Gamayunova V.V., Panfilova A.V.
Water regime of the soil on spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) crops in the conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine

Grabovskyi М.B., Grabovska T.O., Gorodetskyі O.S., Kyrilo V.L.
Formation of corn production on silage depending on the background of mineral nutrition

Hranovska L.M., Stashuk V.A., Zhuzha P.V.
Scientific substantiation of the renewal of forest belts along the Kakhovka main canal

Dymov O.M., Boyarkina L.V.
The method of correlation and regression analysis as a tool for assessing the effectiveness of technologies for growing crops on irrigated lands

Dudchenko K.V., Petrenko T.N., Datsyuk M.M., Flinta O.I.
Soybean growing impact on salt balance of rice crop rotation soil

Zaiets’ S.O., Dymov O.M., Fundyrat С.S.
Seed yield and economic efficiency of growing the winter triticale depending on macro- and micro fertilizers in irrigated conditions of the Southern Steppe

Zubov A.O.
Evaluation of erosional soil degradation factors on the example of the Donbass region

Kobylina N.O., Luta Yu.O., Bondarenko K.O.
The efficiency of gamete selection methods of tomato in the creation of a new source selection material

Kolisnik O.M.
Creation of common hybrides of maize with different resistance to diseases and pests summary

Kostrya I.V., Ostapenko M.A., Bilozor I.V.
Peculiarities of the winter wheat winter period and its yield, depending on the agrotechnical measures in growing under the conditions of the Prisivash

Lazeba О.V.
Foliar feeding with complex microfertilizers as a means of increasing the harvest of sunflower hybrids (Helianthus Annuus L.) in the conditions of the Left-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Malyuk T.V., Kozlova L.V.
Operative planning of the young plantations of sweet cherry trees irrigation regime in the conditions of the Southern Steppe

Маliarchuk N.P., Isakovaа G.М., Bulygin D.А., Shkoda Е.А., Luzhanskiy I.Yu.
Productivity of sorghum of grain-growing at the different systems fertilizer and treatment in a crop rotation on irrigation

Маliarchuk N.P., Pisarenko P.V., Kozyriev V.V., Маliarchuk А.S., Мishukova L.S.
Efficiency of growing of wheat winter at the different methods of basic till of soil and doses of mineral feed

Maliarchuk N.P., Tomnitsky A.V., Маliarchuk A.S., Маrkоvska Е.Е.
Productivity of soy at different methods and depth of treatment of soil and doses of fertilizers in a crop rotation on irrigation

Mammadova Shakar, Babayeva Ulkar
Vegetation cover of Lankaran’s physical-geographical region and protection ways of them

Marchenko T.Y., Lavrynenko Y.O., Piliarska O.O., Sabara P.P., Khomenko T.М., Michalenko I.V., Ivaniv M.O.
The dynamic of the crude and dry aboveground biomass accumulation by the maize hybrids in conditions of the dropping irrigation

Minza F.A.
The yield of apple fruit, depending on the method of appointment of irrigation time

Rudik A.L., Galchenko N.N., Konovalova V.N.
Modeling of the levels of productivity and analysis of the effectiveness of technologies for growing oil flax in the conditions of the South of Ukraine

Sendetsky V.М.
Productivity of soybeans depending on the joint application of straw, side rates and organic fertilizers in the forest-steppe of Western

Shevchenko I.V., Minkin M.V., Minkina G.O.
Inflorescence of industrial plantings of grapes and efficiency of modern methods of control of the number and development of weeds


Balashova G.S, Kotova E.I, Kotov B.S., Yuzyuk O.O.
Influence of the nourishing environment on intensitivity of potato tuber formation of cultivars of different ripening groups in in vitro conditions

Balashova G.S, Yuzyuk O.O., Kotov B.S., Yuzyuk S.M.
Economic efficiency of cultivation of seed potato varieties of different groups of ripeness

Vlaschuk A.N., Shapar L.V., Misevich A.V., Konashchuk E.P., Drobit A.S.
The effect of the terms of sowing and sowing rates on the structural indices of white melilot in the conditions of Southern Steppe of Ukraine

Vozhegov S.G., Tsilinko N.I., Kazanok A.A., Shepel A.V., Zorina A.G
Economic and energy estimation of growing of seeds of modern rice varieties

Vozhegova R.A., Borovik V.O., Marchenko T.Y., Bidnina I.O., Rubtsov D.K.
Analysis of the level of agrophytocenosis perturbation of seed soybean crops under the influence of different densities and doeses of nitrogen fertilizer

Vozhegova R.A., Belov Ya.V.
Agroeconomic evaluation of the technology of growing corn hybrids under irrigation conditions in the South of Ukraine

Krentsiv Ya.I.
Influence of weather conditions of growing year on the variability of plant height of collection soybean varieties

Lytvynenko M.A., Lytvynenko D.M., Shcherbyna Z.V.
The schemes of breading seed production due to level of heterogeneity of bread winter wheat varieties (Triticum aestivum L.)


Pohorielova V.О.
Forming of the seed productivity of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) depending on variety quality properties and fertilizer at drip irrigation


Vozhehova R.A., Biliy V.M.
Dynamics of growth processes, yield and seed quality of winter wheat varieties depending on agronomic cultivation measures

Kapinos M.V.
Productivity and quality of pea varieties depending on seed inoculation in the conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine


Ushkarenko V.O., Chaban V.O., Shepel A.V., Kokovikhin S.V.
Conditional consumption of nutrients by plants of Salvia sclarea L. for cultivation in the conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine under drop irrigation

Vozhegova R.A., Kotelnikov D.I., Maliarchuk V.M.
Biological activity on maize crops by different methods and depth of basic cultivation against the background of organo-mineral fertilizer systems under irrigation conditions in the south of Ukraine


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