Issue № 75

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Vinyukov O.О., Chuhrii H.А.
The influence of biological products on the determination of drought resistance of spring barley plants in the conditions of the eastern part of the Northern Steppe

Vozhegova R.A., Kozlenko Ye.V., Morozov O.V., Morozov V.V.
Ways to implement the Irrigation and Drainage Strategy in Ukraine until 2030 on the Ingulets irrigation system

Hranovska L.M., Morozov O.V., Ivanov V.I.
Irrigation water quality evaluation and its impact on the fertility indices of soils under drip irrigation

Drozd О.М., Afanasiev Yu.О.
Spatial variety of local occurrence of soil salinization under the drip irrigation

Zabolotna А.V., Zabolotnyi O.I., Datsenko А.А.
Net photosynthetic productivity and yield of maize under the use of Stellar herbicide

Zaiets S.O., Netis I.T., Onufran L.I., Fundirat K.S.
Features of water consumption of modern varieties of winter wheat and winter barley at different sowing dates under irrigation

Klymyshena R.I.
Dependence of beta-glucan content in spring malting barley wort on the effect of foliar fertilization with microfertilizers

Kovalenko О.A., Andriichenko L.V.
The effectiveness of environmentally friendly methods of growing Lavandula angustifolia in South of Ukraine

Kovalov М.М.
Growing microgreens of romaine lettuce in NFT systems depending on the influence of the substrate type

Kotelnikov D.I.
Agrophysical properties of dark chestnut soil under different systems of basic cultivation and organo-mineral fertilizer in irrigated conditions of the South of Ukraine

Krychkovsky V.Yu.
Digistat influence on harvest structure and corn productivity

Manuylenko O.V., Konovalov V.O., Gribinyuk K.S., Karpenko O.I., Konovalova V.M.
Effectiveness of the No-till system compared to the traditional systems of short-rotation soil cultivation under conditions of Southern Steppe of Ukraine

Moldovan V.G., Moldovan Zh.A.
Influence of pre-sowing seed treatment and foliar top dressing on the formation of indicators of individual corn productivity in the Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Nedilska U.I.
Productivity of miscanthus planting material depending on agrotechnical measures

Onopriienko D.M.
Efficiency of fertilizer irrigation of corn using liquid and solid forms of mineral fertilizers

Rozhko I.I., Kulyk M.I.
Seed yield of switchgrass, depending on the elements of cultivation technology

Sobko M.G., Butenko A.O., Danylchenko O.M.
Agroecological adaptability and suitability of growing soybean varieties of different maturity groups


Vozhehova R.A., Balashova Н.S., Boіarkina L.V.
Influence of soil moisture and fertilizer level on water consumption and productivity of summer potatoes planted with freshly harvested tubers

Tyshchenko A.V., Tyshchenko O.D., Piliarska O.O., Kuts G.M., Galchenko N.M.
Adaptive ability is an important feature in plant breeding


Jahangirov M.M.
Results of research of physicochemical parameters of tea extract to increase the biological value of finished products

Vozhehov S.G., Rudyi O.E., Kokovikhin S.V., Drobitko A.V., Kazanok O.O., Kerimov A.N. Yield
Economic and energy efficiency of growing sunflower hybrids depending on the regimes of irrigation and tillage in the South of Ukraine