Issue № 76

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Burykina S.I., Parlikokoshko M.S.
Organomineral fertilizers with a complex of amino and humic acids on chickpea crops

Granovska L.M., Маliarchuk N.P., Pysarenko P.V., Maliarchuk A.S., Tomnitsky A.V.
Productivity of grain row crop rotations at the different systems of basic tillage in the area of action of Ingulets irrigatory system

Zaiets S.O., Muzyka V.Ye., Nyzheholenko V.M., Rudik O.L.
Evaluation of adaptability and stability of soft winter wheat varieties under different conditions of moisture supply in the South of Ukraine

Zelenyanskaya N.M., Borun V.V.
Water consumption of a grape nursery in the South of Ukraine

Iutynska H.O., Holoborodko S.P., Dymov O.M.
Formation of humus in southern chornozem for the use of green manure in irrigation conditions

Klipakova Yu.O., Bilousova Z.V., Keneva V.A.
Functioning of the assimilation apparatus of winter wheat plants depending on the terms and methods of fertilizer application

Kovalov М.М., Vasylkovska K.V., Reznichenko V.P.
Influence of EM preparations and injection micro-irrigation systems on growing eggplants outdoor

Korotka І.O., Klipakova Yu.O., Priss O.P.
Growth, development and yield formation of different perennial wall rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia L.) cultivars in greenhouses

Morozov O.V., Morozov V.V., Kozlenko Y.V.
Water-salt anthropogenic load on long-irrigated soils of the Ingulets massif

Peretiatko S.H., Rudik O.L.
The current state and applied aspects of the development prospects of soybean production in Ukraine


Vozhehova R.A., Marchenko T.Yu., Zabara P.P., Piliarska O.O., Sakhatskyi H.I.
Peculiarities of photosynthetic activity of lines – parental components of maize hybrids depending on elements of technology under irrigation conditions

Dmytrenko P.V.
Qualitative characteristics of basic seed potatoes depending on the number of vectors of viral infections and elements of technology

Rybalchenko A.M.
Plasticity and stability of economic characteristics of soybean collection samples

Tishchenko A.V., Tishchenko O.D., Lyuta Y.O., Piliarska O.O., Kuts G.M.
The density of alfalfa grass by years of life and slopes with different moisture supply