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Vozhegova R.A., Belov Ya.V.
Influence of plant densities and nutrition background on water consumption and productivity of maize hybrids in irrigation conditions of the Southern Ukraine

Vozhegova R.A., Biliaeva I.M., Kokovikhin S.V., Piliarskyi V.G., Piliarska E.A.
Effective marketing and implementation of scientific developments of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the NAAS

Vozhegova R.A., Borovik V.O., Bidnyna I.O., Rubtsov D.K.
The dependence of the biochemical composition of soybean seeds on various doses of nitrogen fertilizers and sowing density

Hranovska L.M.
Scientific substantiation of the directions of solving the conflicts in the zone of reconstruction of the rice irrigation systems on the territory of Kherson region

Zhuykov O.G., Burdiug O.O.
Phenological and biometric features of sunflower hybrids in organic cultivation technology in the South of Ukraine

Koloyanidi N.A.
Water consumption and productive moisture reserves in chickpea crops depending on agricultural methods

Kulyk M.I., Syplyva N.A., Babych O.V.
The formation of yield of switchgrass depending on the width of row-spacings and fertilizetion of plants

Malyuk T.V., Kozlova L.V., Pcholkina N.G.
Optimization of soil water regime in intensive sweet cherry trees plantations with drip irrigation and mulching

Маliarchuk N.P., Tomnitskiy A.V., Маliarchuk A.S., Isakova G.M., Mishukova L.S.
Influence of basic tillage on the salt mode of soil and productivity of crop rotations in the area of action of Ingulets irrigatory system

Onufran L.I.
Dates of sowing of various varieties of winter barley under irrigation conditions in the south of Ukraine

Pinkovski H.V., Tanchik S.P.
Productivity and water consumption of mid-early sunflower hybrids depending on periods of seeding and plant stand density in the Right-Bank Steppe of Ukraine

Sinchenko V.V., Tanchyk S.P., Litvinov D.V.
The water regime of the soil when growing soybean in the right-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Tanchyk S.P., Pavlov A.S., Chumbey V.V.
The impact of soil tillage on weediness of buckwheat in the Carpathian region of Ukraine


Balashova G.S, Kotova E.I., Yuzyuk S.M., Kotov B.S., Shepel A.V.
Effect of growth regulator and nourishing environment replacement period on potato tuber induction in in vitro condition

Vlaschuk A.N., Drobit A.S., Prishchepo N.N., Shapar L.V., Konashchuk Е.P.
Scientific bases of seed production system of southern Ukraine

Vozhegova R.A., Balashova G.S., Boiarkina L.V
Growth and development of seed potatoes in summer planting freshly harvested tubers in southern Ukraine

Zaiets’ S.O., Kysil’ L.B., Halchenko N.N.
The yield of modern winter barley varieties for different sowing periods and the use of growth regulators in irrigation

Zayets S.O., Piliarska O.O., Fundirat K.S., Shkoda O.A
Evaluation of sowing and quality indicators of the winter triticale seeds varieties depending on the treatment microfertilizers

Kosenko N.P., Pohorielova V.A., Bondarenko E.A.
Scientific achievements of the laboratory of vegetable growing at the Institute of Irrigated Farming: history and results

Kosenko N.P., Serheev A.V.
Seed growing of carrot (Daucas carota var. sativa L.) in the conditions of drip irrigation

Lavrynenko Yu.O., Marchenko T.Y., Zabara P.P.
Breeding properties and their role in stabilizing corn grain production in Ukraine

Nazarenko S. V., Kotovska Yu. S.
Stem pests of middle-aged and older pine plantations on Oleshkovsky sands

Panfilova A.V., Hamaiunova V.V., Fedorchuk M.I., Nahirnyi V.V.
Photosynthetic activity of spring and winter barley crops depending on the elements of cultivation technology in the conditions of the southern steppe of Ukraine

Reznichenko N.D.
Dynamics of accumulation of raw weight and dry matter by winter barley varieties under different growing conditions

Tishchenko О.D., Tishchenko A.V., Piliarska О.О, Kuts G.M.
Features of the morphology of the root system in alfalfa populations


Vozhehova R.A., Biliaieva I. M., Biliy V.M.
Photosynthetic activity of winter wheat seed crops depending on the varietal composition, sowing time and fertilization in the South of Ukraine

Vozhehova R.A., Melnychenko A.V.
Genetic diversity of Asian rice as a basis for breeding for resistance to biotic and abiotic environmental factors

Drobitko A.V., Kokovikhin S.V., Zayets S.O.
Productivity and economic and energy efficiency of technology of cultivation of winter barley varieties in the conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine

Kapinos M.V.
Agroeconomic assessment of elements of pea cultivation technology in the conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine

Osgchipok O.S.
Influence of chemical and biological protection systems of grape nursery varieties of different resistance to pathogens on the spread of Plasmopara viticola


Konovalov V.A., Konovalova V.N., Usyk L.A.
Seed productivity of dye safflower varieties under different growing conditions in the South of Ukraine

Ushkarenko V.O., Shepel A.V., Kokovikhin S.V., Chaban V.O.
Rationality of moisture use in crops of nutmeg under drip irrigation in the South of Ukraine


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