Issue № 74

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We sincerely congratulate Raisa Anatoliivna Vozhehova, Director of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS of Ukraine, on her becoming a full member (academician) of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

We sincerely congratulate Lavrynenko Yurii Oleksandrovych on his becoming a full member (academician) of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Pryshchepo Mykola Mykolaiovych – 75!

Bazalii Halyna Hryhorivna – 70!

Kuts Halyna Markivna – 70!


Aliev Dzhavidan
Extremely cold winter on the Absheron peninsula

Burykina S.I., Taranyuk G.B., Kapustina G.A., Firsova V.I.
Dynamics of heavy metal content in the soil-plant system during sunflower growing withhout irrigation in the Southern Steppe

Hranovska L.M., Piliarska O.O.
Legislative regulation on restoration and development of irrigation in Ukraine.

Drobitko A.V., Vozhehova R.A., Kokovikhin S.V., Bilyaeva I.M.
Efficiency of soybean crops using solar energy and soil moisture on irrigated and non-irrigated lands

Yeshchenko V.О., Kalievskyi М.V., Karnaukh A.B., Koval H.V., Naklioka Yu.І.
Losses of the yield of oil flax seeds from contamination of crops during the main tillage of different intensity

Zaiets S.О., Onufran L.I., Rudik O.L., Netis I.T., Muzyka V.Ye.
Productivity and grain quality of soft winter wheat with applying micro-fertilizers at different backgrounds of nitrogen nutrition under irrigated conditions in the south of Ukraine

Kovalov M.M., Vasylkovska K.B.
Quality assessment of ground water for micro-irrigation systems in the conditions of protected soil

Markovska O.E., Malyarchuk M.P., Isakova H.M., Tomnytskyi A.V.
Crop rotation productivity under different systems of basic tillage in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine under irrigation

Marchenko T.Yu., Lavrynenko Y.O, Zabara P.P., Ivaniv M.O.
Manifestation and variability of the trait “number of cobs per 100 plants” in maize hybrids under irrigation

Nebaba K.S.
The influence of mineral fertilizers and growth regulators on crop productivity of field pea varieties in the conditions of Western Forest-Steppe

Osgchipok O.S.
Optimization of vineyard school protection systems against patients of diseases taking into account natural and agrotechnical factors

Senik I.I.
Feasibility study of sowing methods of perennial legume-cereal agrophytocenoses

Tkach M.S., Voronyuk Z.S., Lavrynenko Y.O.
Influence of sowing terms and doses of fertilizers on indacators of grain quality of rice varieties in southern Ukraine

Kharchenko O.V., Petrenko S.V., Sobko M.G., Medvid S.I.
Efficiency of moisture resource use by maize crops in arid Forest-Steppe conditions

Chuhrii H.А., Vinyukov O.О.
The influence of mineral nutrition elements on the productivity and quality of winter wheat grain in the zone of the Northern Steppe of Ukraine

Shafieva M.R., Kerimov A.N.
Clostiridium similar bacteriesin nature biochemical іndicators


Bilyavskaya L.G., Rybalchenko A.M.
The structure of quantitative signs’ correlations in soya collection samples of the Left-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Vozhegov S.G., Kokovikhin S.V., Kovalenko A.M., Galchenko N.M., Nikishov O.O.
Seed productivity and economic efficiency of technology of cultivation of grades of winter wheat in the conditions of the south of Ukraine

Vozhehova R.A., Balashova H.S., Boiarkina L.V.
Methods for obtaining the maximum field germination of potatoes in summer planting with freshly harvested cut seed material

Zayets S.A., Fundirat K.S., Onufran L.I., Yuzyuk S.M.
Formation of the photosynthetic apparatus of plants of winter triticale varieties in the conditions of irrigation of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine

Ilchenko A.S., Varenyk B.F.
Influence of tribenuron-methyl on yield and morpho-biologigal indications of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Kovalenko A.M., Kovalenko A.A., Piliarskyi V.G., Kiriyak Y.P.
Peculiarities of plants growth and development in seed crops of winter wheat in the autumn depending on weather conditions and place in the rotation

Kovaleva I.A.
Varietal aspects of development of business plans for growing table grapes

Kosenko N.P.
Seed productivity of carrot (Daucas carota L.) grown by stacking on the conditions of drip irrigation in the south of Ukraine

Ochkala O.S., Lavrova G.D., Bushulyan O.V., Nagulyak O.I.
Influence of low positive temperatures on germination intensity and sowing dates on yield elements in different genotypes of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Pysarenko P.V., Maliarchuk A.S., Mishukova L.S., Maliarchuk V.M.
Productivity of sunflower at different methods and depth of basic tillage of soil in crop rotations on irrigation

Sonetsʹ T.D., Zakharchuk N.A., Furdyha N.N., Oliynyk T.N.
Evaluation of potato varieties by their adaptability to the conditions of the Forest-steppe and Polissya of Ukraine

Tishchenko A.V., Tishchenko A.D., Piliarska O.O., Didovich S.V., Galchenko N.M.
The influence of bacterial preparations on seed productivity, root system and nitrogen fixation in growing alfalfa varieties under irrigation conditions


Nosenko S.M., Sinelnik L.M.
Messengers – the modern tool of digital marketing


Vozhegova R.A., Maliarchuk A.S., Kotelnikov D.I.
Influence of different systems of basic cultivation and fertilizer on biological activity of soil and productivity of crop rotation on irrigated lands of the south of Ukraine

Kovalenko O.A., Steblichenko O.I.
Yield and economic efficiency of growing summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) in the conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukrane