Issue № 73

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Vozhehova Raisa Anatoliivna is 55


Butenko A.O., Masyk I.M., Sobko M.G., Tykhonova O.M.
Formation of soybean crop of different ripeness groups depending on sowing time and row spacing

Vozhehova R.A., Holoborod’ko S.P., Dymov O.M., Hal’chenko N.M.
Scientific bases of increasing productivity of forage production systems on irrigated and non-irrigated lands of the southern Steppe

Gadzalo Ya.M., Vozhehova R.A., Kokovikhin S.V., Bilyaeva I.M., Drobitko A.V.
Scientific substantiation of corn cultivation technologies on irrigated lands taking into account hydrothermal factors and climate change

Dudkina A.P., Vinyukov O.O.
Efficiency of various expositions of using the Humic acid product for the growth and development of spring barley

Kapinos M.V.
Photosynthetic activity of sowing pea plants depending on cultivation techniques

Karashchuk H.V., Fedonenko H.Yu.
Productivity of hard winter wheat varieties depending on technological methods of cultivation in the south of Ukraine

Kokovikhin S.V., Kovalenko V.P., Naydenov V.G., Shevchenko T.V., Kazanok O.O.
Alfalfa productivity models when grown in different soil-climatic zones of Ukraine depending on the influence of natural and agricultural factors

Kokovikhin S.V., Pisarenko P.V., Bidnina I.O., Shariy V.O., Boyzenyuk Kh.I.
Scientific and practical aspects of planning and operational management of crop irrigation regimes using information technologies

Lykhovyd P.V., Lavrenko S.O.
Application of CROPWAT program for assessment of sweet corn water use

Malyuk T.V., Kozlova L.V., Pcholkina N.G.
Efficiency of drip irrigation of young intensive sweet cherry plantings in southern Ukraine

Маliarchuk N.P., Tomnitsky A.V., Маliarchuk A.S., Isakova H.M., Myshukova L.S., Маrkоvska Е.Е.
Phytosanitary state of sowing and productivity of winter wheat at different methods of basic tillage in a crop rotation on irrigation of the south of Ukraine

Matkovska M.V.
Influence of intensification factors on photosynthetic productivity and yield of winter barley in the condition of Western Forest-Steppe

Moroz V.V., Nykytiuk Y.A.
Carвon absorption ability of pine forest plantations in Zhytomyr Polissya

Mostipan M.I., Kovalov M.M., Umrykhin N.L.
Protein content in winter wheat grain depending on weather conditions in early spring

Nazarenko S.V., Holovashenko M.F., Kotovska Yu.S.
Methods for detecting emergency trees in urban and suburban green spaces

Nazarenko S.V., Holovashenko M.F., Kotovska Yu.S.
Stem pests of middle-aged and older pine plantations on Oleshkovsky sands

Osgchipok O.S.
The effectiveness of the application of biologized measures to protect the grape school depending on the field endurance of grape varieties to Plasmopara viticola under drip irrigation

Palamarchuk V.D., Kovalenko O.A., Krychkovskyi V.Yu.
Improving the efficiency of biogas complexes due to the use of digistate in the growing of agricultural and vegetable houses

Reznichenko N.D., Galchenko N.N.
The effect of green manure on different systems of primary tillage on the nutrient regime of dark chestnut soil

Tkach O.V.
Storage of chicory root crops depending on the timing of sowing

Ushkarenko V.A., Sileckaya O.V., Priymak V.V.
Sowing feed crops and fertilizers – a reserve for increasing the productivity of crops of old-age alfalfa in the year of its plowing

Ushkarenko V.A., Shepel A.V., Kokovikhin S.V., Chaban V.A.
Plant density and weediness of clary sage crops depending on the effect of winter hardiness and years of use of the crop in the southern Ukraine

Fedorchuk M.I., Karashchuk H.V., Ilchuk V.T.
Productivity of common pumpkin varieties depending on agro-technical cultivation methods in the south of Ukraine

Shevchenko I.V., Minkina G.O.
History and future of viticulture on the low-productive lands of the left bank of the Lower Dnieper

Shkoda O.A., Martynenko T.A.
The influence of mineral fertilizers and ameliorant on the water consumption of onion with drip irrigation

Shcherbakov V.Ya., Domaratsky E.A., Kozlova O.P., Dobrovolsky A.V.
Formation of optimal winter wheat stem under irrigable conditions of the southern steppe of Ukraine


Bazaliy V.V., Boychuk I.V., Kozlova O.P., Teteruk O.V., Bazaliy G.G.
Influence of environment and coenotic conditions on detection of genotypes of winter wheat with complex of management of valuable signs

Balashova G.S., Yuzyuk S.N., Kotova E.I., Yuzyuk O.A., Kotov B.S.
Productivity of the leaf apparatus and the accumulation of dry matter by potato plants during reproducing basic seed material

Vozhehova R.A., Balashova H.S., Boiarkina L.V.
The influence of the aftereffect of treatment with exogenous phytohormones on the productivity of seed potatoes of summer planting in the South of Ukraine

Vozhehova R.A., Biliy V.M.
Economic and energy rationale for the technology of growing winter wheat seeds in southern Ukraine

Vozhegova R.A., Borovik V.O., Bidnуna I.O., Skoda O.A., Rubtsov D.K.
Sowing quality of soybean seeds with different technological support

Zayets S.A., Fundirat K.S., Netis I.T., Onufran L.I.
Elements of the structure of productivity of winter triticale varieties and their effect on the yield of conditioned seeds

Ivaniv N.O., Averchev O.V., Mikhalenko I.V., Lavrynenko Yu.O.
Variability of cob structure elements in maize hybrids of different FAO groups and their relationship with grain yield under different irrigation and moisture supply methods in the Arid Steppe Ukraine

Konovalova V.M., Syabruk T.A., Konovalov V.A., Tishchenko A.V.
The use of microbiological preparations in the cultivation of crops, in particular flaxseed oilseed

Marchenko T.Yu., Lavrynenko Yu.A.
The manifestation and variability of the mass of 1000 grains in lines – parent components and hybrids of maize when using different genetic plasmas under irrigation conditions

Omelyanova V.Yu., Kotovskaya U.S.
Botanical characteristic and agrobiological features of the purple echinacea in the context of the use of the species for urban greening in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine (overview)

Tishchenko O.D., Tishchenko A.V., Piliarska O.O., Kuts G.M., Galchenko N.M., Konovalova V.M.
The relationship of seed productivity with the accumulation of root mass and the nitrogen ability of first year aluminum varieties

Tkach M.S., Voronyuk Z.S., Lavrynenko Yu.O.
Photosynthetic activity of crops of modern rice varieties depending on sowing time and doses of mineral fertilizer


Karpovich M.S., Drozdа V.F.
Biological and ecological basis of integrated protection of phytophagous Lepidoptera and related species of pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

Vozhegova R.A., Malyarchuk A.S., Kotelnikov D.I., Reznichenko N.D.
Influence of systems of the main tillage and fertilizer on productivity of winter barley in crop rotation on irrigation of the south of Ukraine

Vozhegova R.A., Melnichenko A.V.
The efficiency of collection samples of sowing rice in the creation of new promising lines

Kovalenko O. A., Steblichenko O. I.
Photosynthetic productivity of crops of summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) depending on agrotechnical methods of cultivation

Koloyanidi N. A.
Leaf area and photosynthetic potential of the chickpea crops for cultivation in South of Ukraine

Konovalov V.A., Konovalova V.N., Usik L.A.
Influence of moisture supply and mineral nutrition on the sowing qualities of dyeing safflower varieties

Chernova A.V., Gamayunova V.V., Kovalenko O.A., Korkhova M.M.
The dry matter content in the green mass of sweet sorghum depending on varietal characteristics, seeding rates, biological product and microfertilizers


Tishchenko A.V., Tishchenko O.D., Pilіarska O.O.
Manifestation of resistance of alfalfa plants in conditions of different ecological gradient for fodder use